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TS, Maharashtra to coordinate on Irrigation Projects

kcrTelangana and Maharashtra States Chief Ministers K. Chandrasekhar Rao and Devendra Fadnavis have met on Tuesday, and decided to coordinate for the inter-state irrigation projects. The states have decided to constitute an expert committee to resolve the inter-state projects.

The meeting between the Chief Ministers held in Mumbai on Tuesday, has been successful as the respective governments have decided to sort out the differences and speed-up the three interstate irrigation projects- Lendi, Lower Penganga and Pranahitha-Chevella.

KCR and Fadnavis have decided to follow the agreement reached in 2003 on the Lendi irrigation project. The government has already completed land acquisition in 11 of the 12 villages, while the compensation process has been completed in six villages. KCR has urged the Maharashtra government to complete the land acquisition process and compensation processes at the earliest in other villages too.

The Telangana State CM also assured to pay the compensation as per the new land acquisition Act for the farmers in the Maharashtra state, while it has earlier sanctioned Rs. 500 crores as a part of the compensation.

The TS and Maharashtra governments have decided to construct three barrages, one in Telangana and two in Maharashtra on the lower Penganga project. KCR has later thanked the Maharashtra CM for responding on the issues in a positive way.