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Free Medical tests for the poor!

Free MedicalThe AP government is set to initiate the free diagnostic services across the state. The National Health Mission (NHS) will implement the services across the 11 teaching hospitals, nine district hospitals, 30 area hospitals and 190 community health centers (CHC) under the public private partnership (PPP) mode.

The project will be initially implemented in Anantapur district on a pilot basis. The government has issued a GO, and around 57 diagnostic services will be provided at free cost to the needy, including the centers at Hindupur district hospital, Kadiri hospital and the community centers at Raidurgam, Kalyandurgam, Gutti and Penugonda.

A private firm in Chennai will be rendering the services and the state government will be paying the fee. The primary health care centers (PHC) aren’t providing tests for orthopedics and surgery.

“The main reason for this is non-availability of equipment, non-maintenance of existing equipment and non-provision of funds for reagents, consumables and kits,” stated the order.