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Central Government lets down AP plea for Financial aid

AP plea for Financial aidCausing more problems for the cash-strapped Andhra Pradesh government, which is dealing with troubles even to satisfy the salary costs of its workers, the Centre has claimed to have actually not responded to pleas favorably to bail them out from the severe economic situation.

According to very close sources, Central government told the State government on Thursday that the Union  government was itself facing a shortage of about Rs. 1 lakh crore and for this reason it was not in a position to come to the rescue of the AP government for today.

It could be stated here that the AP Chief Minister himself had actually begged with the Head of the Nation Mr. Narendra Modi and the Union Financing Minister Arun Jaitley and also later on it was followed up by Principal Secretary (Financing) P V Ramesh who camped in Delhi for three days till Wednesday. Sources informed that the State government was now entrusted with no option but to look for other alternatives.